Breakfast: from 07.30 to 11.00


You can order drinks made with fresh milk (cappuccino, hot chocolate, caffellatte), coffee, decaffeinated coffee, American coffee, barley coffee. Our Tea selections (Lipton and Twinings) ranging from Earl gray to English Tea, green tea, aromatic fruit or mauve infusions, lime, mint.
To meet those with lactose intolerance problems, you can choose between different types of drinks: Zimyl milk, soy milk, rice milk, oat milk.


Fruit juices, lemon water senzero, orange water blueberries, lemon water, still water, sparkling water. Wine, prosecco


Assorted brioches, cakes, donut romagnola, biscuits all home-made. Single-dose Nutella, single-portioned butter, peanut butter, jams, jams, and honeys of cervia. White yogurt, fruit yoghurt, dietary yogurt in single portions. Cereal, fruit muesli, corn flakes, miel pops, coco rice, rice krispies. From the oven, Tuscan bread, multigrain bread, sandwiches with milk, golden biscuits, wholemeal biscuits, gluten-free biscuits, toast bread. Gluten free corner Seeds of health, flax, sesame, flax, sunflower, pumpkin. Fruit in syrup, peaches, plums, apricots. Centrifuged, energetic, thirst-quenching cleansing.


Boiled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs with bacon, cooked ham, sausage, omelette. Cheese pate, assorted platter of Romagna cheeses with figs. Cutting board of cold cuts such as cooked ham, bresaola, salami milano, turkey breast, mortadella bologna. Pizza.

Fresh fruit, pineapple salad, kiwi, slices of bright cut orange.