Cervia Salt City

It's just the start of processing salt to make this small town on the Adriatic protagonist, when salt was almost the only method of food preservation, the city has grown mainly because of its marketing and its economic value.
Cervia new kind rectangle-shaped salt workers had housed over 150 families, a small hospital, a barracks, a mess and theater. On the main street were built the church of Suffrage and other 15 houses with spacious courtyards for the clergy and the nobility. A lower market square to use was left behind the main square.

Events in Cervia related to Salt

“Long viaz afruntè cun el berchi a e terz carghi ad sel coma una volta, parcurend la stesa rota che dal Saleni ad Zirvia là doveva purtè (parché era dovuto) ai Magazzini della Serenissima”
From "E Viàz" Paolo Puzzarini..

Impressive display of greetings to commemorate the departure of historic boats to Venice between music, stories, history and suggestions related to Salinara reality of the city. Accompanied by the Great Orchestra City of Cervia, conducted by Maestro Fulvio I think, are the salt workers, in the old work clothes, to load the precious "white gold" of the boats of the fleet Mariegola of Romagna, which will sail along the ancient streets of the salt trade. The event also offers the same strong historical link between Cervia and the Serene Republic of Venice.

Festival and Events

Cervia Garden City

“Cervia takes you to the sea water with its many gardens that have thought also of countries and cities far”
Tonino Guerra

Cervia Garden City is considered among the most important events dedicated to the architecture of the green. 50 cities and organizations (Italian and foreign), will meet in Cervia to experience unique techniques and floreal innovations. The entire month of May is dedicated to the floral arrangements for the most important and impressive open-air exhibition.

International kite festival

Like every year the sky is full of kites from around the world for this festival that combines fantasy and creativity. Since 1981 the best kites on the planet Masters meet in spring on the beach in Cervia: 200 guest artists from thirty countries around the world, more than 1000 accredited kites, performances by stunt kites, fighters and traction. educational workshops for children, Wind Fair and quality handicraft, exhibitions, installations, "Wind Gardens" and by night flights.

Salt Museum

In a large wing of the seventeenth-century salt warehouse located Musa space: the Museum of Salt of Cervia.
A great little museum where the faces and stories of the salt, bring us into the adventure and magic of the salt. A guided tour shows why salt was called white gold and presents the elements that have characterized the history of Cervia and its salt. To illustrate and simplify these issues were used audiovisual, panels, images and models. There is also a room with the tools used in the past for the production of salt with the craft system and multiple collection. Here you can also admire the burchiella: metal boat with a flat bottom that can hold up to 80 tons of salt.